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17th September 2004, 17:36
I have just started a contract 2 weeks which is for 3 months. This is my first contract and I chose the Ltd company route. Have just started the company and not done anything more. I was wondering if I should go to an accountant for help with the rest of the stuff or just do all the registrations and payrolls etc myself( with help from my wife). I am not sure if I would continue contracting or go on to a permanent job after this.
Do you have to pay your accountants even if you are not contracting for some months. How much do you pay in such cases and can I pay just for doing the final accounts and tax returns:) . Is there any lock- in periods with accountants?

Any accountants I should not go to??( since you can't recommend an accountant) :\

I am sure i will have loads of queries following.....this is just the beginning....

18th September 2004, 08:42
Not very helpful I know but if you've just taken a 3 monther with no real commitment to remaining a contractor you should have signed up with an umbrella.

I run ************ with Rhino (link near the top of this page) and we do recommend an accountant (and a brolly come to that). You may get some sort of deal to do the company accounts from a local bookkeeper but a proper accountant will not reduce their fees much just because you've only operated for 3 months IMO - it's not worth their while.

Liberty Accounts
18th September 2004, 09:09
If your interested in doing your accounts and payroll yourself (or with help from your wife) why not try www.libertyaccounts.com