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16th September 2004, 23:47
Sorry to post but just about to start my first contact role (only 6 weeks initially) and have signed up with Giant. I have a read a few bad posts about them. What should I watch out for with them?
Thanks in advance

16th September 2004, 23:50
What rates do you guys look for to earn a decent living. My role is worth just over £30 p/h. This any good?? What rate does it stop being worthwhile against finding a similar skilled perm job....
Any thoughts welcomed.

17th September 2004, 09:20
I have been with them for a year, no problems yet

17th September 2004, 10:57
What are you using them for? Umbrella? Accountant?

I used them as accountant for my Ltd. They were utterly useless. Rarely did a stroke of work, and when they did, it was mostly wrong. If I queried it, they just didn’t bother responding. I’ve since heard that they send most of the work to India. Maybe that explains it.

17th September 2004, 11:42
I am using them as a managed compaby, they advised against the umbrella as the managed company would earn more money for me. Of course I took what they said as it was my first introduction into this and I saw them as experts.

17th September 2004, 11:42
What should I watch out for with them?

Everything. They are worse than useless.

17th September 2004, 12:57
Thanks for the descriptive response. Would you care to enlighten me on what everything means. Even if you have too many to list can you pass on a couple?
I'm sure youll understand your response was pap at best

17th September 2004, 13:19
I use their Powerhouse thing (Managed Ltd). They are quite hard to get hold of, but usually if I try hard enough I do manage to talk to someone eventually.

I have to admit I am a bit puzzled sometimes as to how they calculate automatic tax, EE NI and ER NI deductions (it's never the same from one week/month to the next even when it should be), but overall they are not ripping me off, and they do pay same day CHAPS weekly so that's quite good.

But I have been with them for just one year now, so I may be in store for some (nasty or not) surprises yet? Will keep you posted...