View Full Version : IR35 @#%$ review and/or protection

23rd July 2004, 12:15
Who offers a reliable contract review amongst the accountancy firms?

Is it typical to have to pay £125+VAT upwards for this?

Also, is the PCG Route35 *the* protection to go for (£80 for PCG members)?

23rd July 2004, 12:39
QDos but I don't know how much they charge

23rd July 2004, 13:04
Last time I looked into this, SJD were the cheapest. Something like £125+vat if you're a pcg member (more if you're not). The others like QDOS, Accountax seemed to charge a lot more.

26th July 2004, 12:27
Contract Review

Accountax : www.accountax-ltd.com/ (http://www.accountax-ltd.com/)
Egos Ltd : www.egos.co.uk/ (http://www.egos.co.uk/)
Lawspeed : www.lawspeed.com/ (http://www.lawspeed.com/)
Qdos : www.Qdosconsulting.com/ (http://www.Qdosconsulting.com/)
SJD : www.sjdaccountancy.com (http://www.sjdaccountancy.com)
Bauer & Cottrell : www.bauerandcottrell.co.uk (http://www.bauerandcottrell.co.uk)

PCG Route35 - Probably the best for investigation insurance.

Tax Liability Cover / Contractor Care etc
This pays for the IR35 tax & interest & penalties if you are caught by IR35 after appeal (s) have failed. All contracts will be reviewed before you are offered this by Accountax, Lawspeed, Qdos etc. Can be quite expensive.