View Full Version : Fasthosts / Access Databases

5th July 2002, 22:16
Anyone had any experiences with using fasthosts with an access db. Update actions do not work must be something to do with the security ~ but I can't find anything that allows me to change access rights on the web.

6th July 2002, 11:03
I don't know what fasthosts are but I am with a .NET host and use SQLServer, however, when I wrote an Access layer it decided NOT to do updates, specifically updates, everything else it did. Personally I think their pushing SQLServer so hard, since they've had to drop the fees for installing COM on the server they have to make it somewhere. If I use Access for little apps this just keeps my SQL space down, which they don't want.

There was no problem when I asked them to fix it.

6th July 2002, 11:21
Have resolved it now, appeared to be a contention between the application and frontpage.