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24th September 2003, 15:38
Written a form in Smartforms which is working well when output onto a laser printer and also looks fine on the screen view.
However when changing the output to a dot matrix the carriage returns seem to go to pot and my item lines are all over the place (even though the screen preview looks perfect).

I'm sure its a Basis issue but they have no answers.


24th September 2003, 15:54
Have you told it to print as graphics?

24th September 2003, 16:03
No ......? Its courier which is a resident font on the dot matrix.

To elaborate. I have a text variable which the contents are very long (its just a test at 300 chars). The first line prints correctly at roughly three quarters of the width of the page (I have set a right margin of 6.5 cm which is very important for the design of the form) but the second line prints the full width of the page and ignores my margin setting. The third line then prints just a few characters and then line breaks (incorrectly) and finishes off the text on the next line down.

The screen preview is perfect. The laser printer output is perfect. Its as if the dot matrix can't get the width of the line right.


Martin Underwood
24th September 2003, 16:20
Have you told them that the most cost effective thing would be to throw away that old dot-matrix clockword Oki Microline printer and get a proper printer?

Compared to paying you £500 per day to try and resolve the error, they could afford some staggeringly good printers

24th September 2003, 16:33
Hi Martin,

Luckily I have a very good relationship with the client so yes I did explain about the economics of trying to fix it quite bluntly. The form is used by eight countries of which 6 use a laser. The other two (the UK and Eire) use a bloody dot matrix.

The project manager wants to try and fix it instead of troubling the end user (yawn). Whats even more frustrating is that a: I'm supposed to be on holiday and b: I was asked to come into work as a favour to fix an ALV report which I haven't even got around to looking at. Its always the same. When I work remotely I get far more done. When I work on-site I get bogged down by crap!


Ivor bigun
24th September 2003, 23:14
Ha, Ha, Ha - SAP can't print to a dot matrix
- How pathetic is that.

25th September 2003, 07:10
Fixed. Now prints to the dot matrix. Basically had to strip the margins out of the paragraph formats because that was causing the problems. Must be a Basis issue with the set up of the dot matrix printers.


15th October 2003, 08:29
Had the problem on another form yesterday so decided to trawl SAP Notes to see if there is a known problem. There is.

Sap Note 19807 - print problems with standard driver STN2.

In summary this driver is low on functionality. No mixed fonts on the same line. No strange TABs. etc etc.

No fix available - just keep the form very simple in design or else it won't work.