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8th October 2002, 13:06
Looking for a bit of advice about selling software.

I've recently entered into the market of selling software and have gone about this in the usual way, website, banners, posting software to shareware sites etc. I was wondering if anybody knew of any other approaches to take?

I don't want to spend any cash on advertising yet and I've tried all the "free web promotion sites". Anyone have experience of attracting more visitors?

I would eventually like to release the software as a shrink wrapped product, anybody had any experience of this?

Would appreciate any commnets suggestions on the website\application.



Mark Snowdon
8th October 2002, 19:37
My experience is that unless you have a marketing budget full of $$$$££££€€€€ you are unlikely to get very far.

try tucows, the catalogs, etc.

You need to get partners I dont know your product but could you do a prebuilt template to generate meaningful data from Baan/SAP/Oracle Financials/Siebel etc ?

Problem is that on the whole the complex products have resticted access to the data structures, and the vendors already push their own data mining products.

thought about a stand at one of the conferences OUG etc ?

15th October 2002, 17:28
Get your product reviewed in a leading magazine in it's area.

Look at who you are targeting with your software. Is your target client base likely to look on the web to find their solution.

Having looked at your web site I think that the style of banners you are carrying have nothing in common with your target audience. I don't think this portrays a very good image - but what do I know I feel as though I undersold my shareware.

16th October 2002, 19:23
have you tried hotscripts.com....they are good and i usually go there if I am looking to buy a particular type of software..

17th October 2002, 12:46
Cheers for the comments chaps, some good pointers.

I have to say that I'm not really a fan of banners but they have increased traffic by some 30% at not cost.

I am gonna look at offering the app for free to certain charities. I think it gives a good impression to be able to list know organisatinos as users and also give an opportunity for mass testing.

I'll keep you informed of how things go.