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10th August 2003, 18:53
hi all

does anyone how to configure a htaccess file to allow all visitors to see a directory? I've tried the folowing but it doesn't work:

<Limit GET>
allow from all

10th August 2003, 19:30
win98, apache 2.045

error log:
[path to file].htaccess: allow not allowed here

11th August 2003, 00:53
you only need htaccess file to password protect directory - used by so called simple HTTPauth.

11th August 2003, 11:17
cheers. but if there's a htaccess file higher up the file directory it applies to the directory i am trying to remain public.

11th August 2003, 14:34
it might be a good design idea not to make public directories inside private - best to separate them.