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26th August 2003, 15:20
I'm being badgered by Freeserve to install their new Connection Kit. They say that the number I am using will be discontinued soon.

Does anyone know what this is? Their web site says it tries other numbers if the main one is unavailable.

My main worry is that it will be like the AOL connection kit where you have to click a graphical button and read their adverts before you can connect. It's un-usable from Linux and won't allow automatic dial-up via a home network. The AOL kit is the reason I moved to Freeserve.

26th August 2003, 15:37
Then I'd find out very soon, Perl.

I recently had to do the same with Breathe. It's the same kind of thing (I think) and nothing awful has happened. No nasty ads or anything. Breathe (or whoever has bought them) have sub-contracted the connectivity to a .com call VISP, I think they've prefixed my dial-in with 1474 to make the calls cheaper.

Mark Snowdon
26th August 2003, 17:53

the new numbers are

1470 0808 9916163
1470 0808 9933265
1470 0808 9933257

or so I am told.

The old number isnt going to be totally shut off but will have reduced capacity.

I do not dial in from a windows box, so I rang them to ask for the info and this is what they gave me.

the 1470 releases your number - if like me you have chosen to have your number untraceable (same as doing 141 before all calls) this does an override on that call so the number is released.

1474 used to be callback the last person that rang you like 1471 but call them.



27th August 2003, 08:00
No, I probably just got the last no. wrong Mark, that's all...

27th August 2003, 14:25
Thanks Mark.

I'm already using a 1470 number so I should be OK.

28th August 2003, 12:09
Dial up dial up Sniff. Oh I do feel sorry for you poor electronically disenfranchised lot.

Exchange ADSL enabled 29 Aug (tommorrow!) promised 5th Sept for adsl connection :D Oh joy - no more disconnects after 2hours downloading 21Mb of a 22Mb zip etc. etc. - probably be several hours of cursing and searing trying to get adsl to work instead :( but after that it should be bliss - maybe I'll even visit the "educational" site recommended by rabbit before setting up my downloads box.