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20th September 2003, 15:35
I have designed a WEB site using MS Front Page. I have the following problem with the home page ( index).

Try as I may, I cannot make changes to the first page I made.

I have checked that the changes I made can be seen:

1. In preview
2. The page has been properly up-loaded
3. It is on the ISP's site
4. The changes are alos on the ISP server.

And yet when I try to view the site, I still get the previous home page ( without the corrections).

I even deleted the home page from the ISP site, and I still got the old home page!!!!.

Is it possible that the ISP has 2 servers. All my updates were made and loaded to one server, and theother server has not yet been updated?

IN preview

Mark Snowdon
20th September 2003, 18:15

Many isp's run proxy and cache servers to minimise the network load.

it could also be your browser caching - try shift r in the browser window.

You can also tell the web server not to cache your page with pragma:no-cache - but I dont know anything about frontpage or how you set it up. maybe a google or a scan of the help pages ?

20th September 2003, 18:48
most like its browser cache issue OR you have not actually uploaded changes to site OR you've uploaded with different filename so you looking at page with old name.

Latest versions of IE are very aggressive cache-wise (they actually break standards by doing that, but nevermind). Try closing all browsers or even reboot PC - you should not need to do it each time but if it does not work then problem is not browser cache.

not sure pragmas would work for non-dynamic pages, dont know IIS that indepth tho so I might be wrong about it.

21st September 2003, 17:11
Mark. AtW

Spot on gents. It was a cache problem. Now resolved following your advice.

Very grateful. Thanks guys.