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24th September 2003, 11:30
I've received 4 emails containing viruses over the last few days, two pretending to be from Microsoft about latest patches (obvious bollox as that's what Windows Update is for), and two pretending to be about undeliverable emails to some nonsense email address.

I've checked the IP address in the email header that seems to be for the sender, and according to www.whois.sc, it's from somebody using NTL in Wellyn Garden City.

What do you think is the best course of action if I get any more from this source (contact NTL or someone else)?

Mark Snowdon
24th September 2003, 14:20
contact ntl - abuse@.... copy full headers and put an explaination at the top - most isps will isolate the sender until they sort out their av.


24th September 2003, 20:27
Expect NTL to jump on them in about 70 years time.

NTL are the most lame ISP on the planet.

25th September 2003, 11:22
Unless that guy doesn't know his account is being used to forward virus's (viri?). Broadband always-on accounts will be susceptible to this.

Is there more than one Received line in the header, that will show that it has gone through multiple accounts/pcs?

25th September 2003, 11:41
The ntl mail server is running like a slug at the moment.

(Apologies to Xog).