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27th November 2002, 23:39
Apart from freelancing, anyone with original business ideas?

Indeed does anyone read this section?

27th November 2002, 23:54
Yes, both read it and have originaly ideas, currently talking to people about finance for one of them, going well.

In the meantime building a few smaller less original but still profitable businesses such as www.findmeabnb.co.uk


28th November 2002, 12:04

I am pleased to hear that you are making progress with your venture.

IS it IT related?
Produts or services?
Non IT related?

It would be good if we could use this section as a kind or "idea incubator" to put people with ideas and capital together.

I believe it is possible to write about your ideas without necessarily giving away your advantage.

E.g I am very interested in Biometrics and their applications to the field of security ( a very hot topic since 09/11). Over the last year I have seen:
Casinos acquiring face recognition software
Airport wit Iris recognition
Banks with fingerprint
Clearly this is a growth area?

Another idea came from the BB. Seeing so much merde on it prompt me to think about the garbage industry. The UK is considerably lagging behind the rest of Europe in recycling ( batteries, Fridges, PC's, mobiles, etc). Is there an opportunity there?

Until recently I considered my expertise to be in IT. About 2 years ago I saw a cartoon in the FT. It was the board meeting of a large global company. It went as follows:
One member:"Let us remind ourselves of our core competencies. They are Technology, Mgt of complexity, Integrity... ZZZZzzzzzzz".
Other member: " No! Our core competency is to make money!"

I am not suggesting that my purpose is life is to make money. Absolutely not! It is to make a lot of money whilst enjoying myself.

I know it is very sad!! But I like it

28th November 2002, 12:09
Do you have to seek permission from a company or business ( such as a B&B ) before including them in a listing ?

28th November 2002, 14:16
To the best of my knowledge no, unless you intend to charge them for the service.

I am sure Spartans11 will know!

28th November 2002, 14:35
If it is "in the public domain" then you do not need to ask their permission.

So if they advertise - even if only by putting a B&B sign outside the front door - you can legally put them in your directory.

If you include reviews of the B&B, you then lay yourself open to being sued when you publish that they have cockroaches in the kitchen and employ illegal Albanians to clean the rooms. Unless you can proove it.

28th November 2002, 23:29
EddieC is right.

On a more pragmatic level though no business is likely to complian about positive exposure. As it is we make money from the BnB paying to be listed.

The other businesses are still in early development, most are focused on B2B portals, or on reducing costs for contractors and other SME's - all use techonolgy/the internet to do so.

Regards, S

28th November 2002, 23:47

I am really pleased for you. I am working and so aree my companies.

There is a tremendous amount of talent out there and it is reassuring to see that some are taking control of their future.

Let me know how you get on!

29th November 2002, 11:31
Im a internet marketer and I am very keen on finding an idea, i have the expertise to make any business successful online through free marketing and search engines but i just can't think of a good idea. IF there was something that can be purchased online i saw it would be successful.

29th November 2002, 12:25

Based on your experience what are the purchaser preferences in terms of:

Are you more likely to buy on line a service or a product?
If it is a product which type ( games, books, specialist books, cheese, medecine, food etc.)?
Price range? ( e.g whilst some people do not hesitate to buy items below a certain price, above it there is a stickiness!)
If Services, what ( financial services in my opinion would not work. I lost money in the last year backing a financial services based e-nitiative).

The latest proposition I am studying is based on Interactive on-line forum tools.

If you want I shall put down 20 items and you do the same!

29th November 2002, 13:41

my expertise are in promoting companies on the internet. This involves driving targeted traffic to a website, parts of this includes search engine optimisation, where the targeted audiences are located on the net and getting them to the site in question to sell the product. Small iteams like books like what amazon do are very good, you need to go to all the different types of forums and find out what people want and find a cheap supplier and sell that product. Loans are another good product over the internet. I looking for an idea so i can you my skills to market that website.

Arthur Guinness
1st December 2002, 15:30
Hi Liam, can I contact you from the prosperity4 website? Could do with some Internet marketing advice.

1st December 2002, 18:16
yes you can.