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30th September 2003, 10:43
Whats the easiest and quickist way of turning my PC into a dual-boot system. It currently runs Windows 98, and I want to install Linux Red Hat 9 along side it. Where can I download Red Hat and get a guide on how to install with Windows?

30th September 2003, 11:10
Linux comes with either Grub or LILO, both of which enable dual booting.

With a 56k dial up, I've never downloaded a distro but there are often cover disks out there with a full install.

30th September 2003, 12:00
You can buy these disks for 5 or 6 pounds. The CDs from the original vendor may cost from $40 onwards.
www.linux.org (http://www.linux.org)
Look for software vendors at the above site.

30th September 2003, 18:07
Mandrake can also be installed to run under Windows. Probably slower, I did not actually try that option, but if you simply want to check out Linux rather than do heavy stuff with it that might be worthwhile and it saves the considerable hastles of partitioning. If you do partition, Mandrake also comes with Boot Magic, you do not need to use Lilo.

1st October 2003, 05:22
Suse is a nice distro from Germany. They have got excellent tech support and comes bundled with lots of software. The cd contains the software that partitions the disk for you.

R Soles
1st October 2003, 23:02
Aye, I'd agree, use suse, I find the hardware support is more up-to-date than say Red Hat. Or maybe it detects new hardware better.....

Install Win98 first, or it'll crap over LILO/Grub.

Have fun,

3rd October 2003, 14:03
thanks y'all and big up the open source movement mofos

4th October 2003, 06:46
The latest SuSE version 9.0 will be out on 24 October. You may like to wait for that.