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12th May 2007, 19:34
watched on you tube the topgear team in america and when they got into trouble in alabama lol

a friend of mine told me about an episode when they went to detroit and had some shenanigans

does anybody know about that one 'cos I'm having trouble finding it on you tube



12th May 2007, 20:28
Milan, for a driver like yourself who expresses himself in driving a Skoda car watching Top Gear is not really adviseable.

12th May 2007, 20:53

don't knock a skoda 'till you tried it

my 4x4tdi is fangtastic a fantastic machine which I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone else


12th May 2007, 20:55
Do they do bullet-proof versions?

12th May 2007, 21:06
Ah, takes me back to the old Eastern European cars....

What about the old Trabant... wonderful car.

My brother-in-law was most proud after aquiring a very yellow one.

I was honoured being picked up from Rakamaz station in it, and often how we laughed as it broke down in -15°C weather when I was shivering in the back seat with my suitcase placed precariously on my lap as a kind of surrogate airbag.

Or the time he tried to spray the windscreen using the Trabant's rubber teat - no, not a powered system but a squeezy teat that directly squirted a 5ml dose of water over the windscreen which promptly froze in under a microsecond.

Those were the days...

12th May 2007, 21:17
he he AtW you nouveau Russians are funny always aspiring to own a bullet proof X5 or G500