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6th October 2003, 15:20
try out this:
www.topcoder.com/pl/?&mod...e_overview (http://www.topcoder.com/pl/?&module=Static&d1=google&d2=google_overview)

the marking for your code is pretty stringent (or is it my slap-dash coding?)

6th October 2003, 17:38
You must be joking.

Spend a whole day on it and 1st prize is only $10,000.

I couldn't take the rate cut.

6th October 2003, 18:31
we're beating the yanks, lovely

www.topcoder.com/stat?c=c...avg_rating (http://www.topcoder.com/stat?c=country_avg_rating)

6th October 2003, 21:58
And perhaps more importantly, everybody's beating India:D

6th October 2003, 22:09
have you noticed that majority of rated programmers are from the USA, and this brings me to question - why are they working for fk all? Concept of the site is interesting but projects are offering waaaay too little even for me to bother, yet it appears that lots of USA folk are into it.

7th October 2003, 09:36
try going in the arena and trying the 1000 point problems. a degree in maths anyone?

7th October 2003, 20:29
how much do they pay for it?

9th October 2003, 14:32
knob-all, unless you go to an event in USA I think. But there are big IT employers hawking it (I think it's sponsored by Intel)

19th October 2003, 19:39
Blimey there are some scary looking people on there....



20th October 2003, 07:28
that site is good for certain category of people - its paid for work so it is legit to put it onto CV and those who live in low cost countries can actually survive on it while learning IT.