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10th October 2003, 11:36
Anyone know if the Compaq version of NT4 will work on any PC or is it restricted to their hardware only?

(Before I waste more hours of my life).

Mark Snowdon
10th October 2003, 11:45
I have seen it both ways....

what do you need ?

10th October 2003, 12:43
I bought NT4 off ebay for £3.

It's "Compaq CD for Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Operating System".

For use with Compaq Restore CD only.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience with this before I throw it in the bin.

Mark Snowdon
10th October 2003, 12:46
Oh dear (tm)

I am sure I have some NT disks somewhere.

drop me an email if you want me to have a look.

mark at snowdon org

10th October 2003, 13:26
Cheers, Mark, that's about what I thought.

Looked ok in the photos, of course. Wonders of ebay, what?

16th October 2003, 17:24
For use with Compaq Restore CD only.

That one definitely won't work on a non-Compaq. It doesn't even work properly with some Compaqs!!
I've just binned a load of old CDs, including about a dozen NT4 disks, still sealed, and about the same quantity of Office 97 Pro. I didn't realise I could have sold them :eek !!

17th October 2003, 09:00
Only to a mug like me mate.

Of course, the photo on ebay, it wasn't obvious that it was Compaq only, and the disk comment is only visible once you've opened the damn thing...

Never mind, it was only £3.

We won't mention the voltmeter right now, it's just too painful... (and a lot more than £3).