View Full Version : Start Menu shorcuts not installing in Windows XP

21st October 2003, 13:36
Have been handing out evaluation copies of ed s/w in past few weeks.

One comment I got back was that installation failed to put the shortcuts on the Start Menu of XP. Can't reproduce this problem on my XP machine. Would have thought that odd user settings would allow complete install or no install, not install prog but not shortcuts. In fact the installer is set to install by default even for non admin user.

Unfortunately, reviewer was only a casual acquaintance so cannot really expect to borrow her machine and mess about.
Any XP experts got any ideas on this one?

21st October 2003, 18:32
Sound like a user rights prob to me.

i.e. Can you create XP start menu wotsits if you are not an admin on the box?

Who knows?

21st October 2003, 18:54
What kind of installer is it?

22nd October 2003, 11:28
I would have thought insufficient rights would have resulted in a failed install, rather than a missing shortcut.
The shortcut is probably there, but hidden. XP has a habbit of hiding anything you haven't used in the last 10 mins. You need to fiddle with the 'Taskbar & Start Menu' properties - right click on the taskbar and select Properties.
There's an option to 'Hide inactive icons', uncheck it.
Otherwise, it's probably an installer problem, although I can't think why it would only affect XP.