View Full Version : Print Selected Area in Browser

23rd October 2003, 08:25
On a HTML page, want to have some lines of text, want to select a subset of those lines, hit a button on the same page, this then pops up another window with only the selected text, which can then be printed in the normal way.

23rd October 2003, 09:36
um... is this a question or a tip?

23rd October 2003, 09:39
It's a question.

The thing is I want to add some extra text as a header and footer to the selected text before it is printed out.

23rd October 2003, 13:27

23rd October 2003, 23:50
click on button sends ID of the text that will be rendered into new window = then printed, or, if you want to get dirty, you render that text into javascript data structure which would pop window and do the job - might not be good idea with lots of data.