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23rd September 2003, 10:36
Any of you guys know a good book on Perl?
I can shell script to some extent, but will shortly need to get involved with Perl. I'm not a programmer (never done C and all that), so need something from the ground up.

23rd September 2003, 14:34
You might find this site (http://www.lies.com/begperl/index.html) useful.

23rd September 2003, 15:03
From O'Reilly:

Learning Perl
Programming Perl
Perl Cookbook

23rd September 2003, 19:48
start running scripts on Windows - running things on unix has got lots of gotchas like not using windows text file format, unbuffering output for Apache or it is not happy etc.

25th September 2003, 09:36

thanks for those. The website looks good, and the Lama book it is.


sorry....don't do windoze. Unix is the future.

10th October 2003, 07:52
You might also want to use an IDE. I like OptiPerl (www.xarka.com). Runs on Windows, but you can can save to Unix (built-in FTP), and the debugger allows you to step through your code, inspect variables etc, from your Windows workstation even when the script resides on a Unix server. Also higlights syntax errors as you're typing which is very useful.

Perl really is platform generic, so it doesn't matter if you learn on Windows or Unix, unless you need to come up to speed with vi or some other Unix editor.

10th October 2003, 20:36
vi would take lifetime to learn - i am waiting for memoires of that guy from Sun who left recently (he is responsible for VI) to confirm my hard believe that he was stoned whenhe came up with concept to switch between insert and command modes :lol

30th October 2003, 17:30
Yes the VAX VMS editor was so much better.

31st October 2003, 09:55
> switch between insert and command modes

I used vi some years ago and found it incredibly frustrating. For any serious work I'd ftp the file from the unix box to windoze and use my own favourite editor (Kedit - works like xedit on CMS) then ftp it back after.

I was told that vi was designed originally for glass teletypes and similar crippled hardware which have few if any standards for cursor movement etc. My son actually loves it.

31st October 2003, 10:14
There's always Wordstar in non document mode....

control K B control K K.... etc. etc.

I can't believe I used to know all that stuff....

And the wonderful General Automation line editor...

@1/5,p to print out lines 1 to 5...

Ideal for a real teletype, not a glass one.

Aaaah, dear dead days beyond recall (thankfully).

31st October 2003, 21:42
> My son actually loves it.

fiddle - no joke here - but you really need to do something about it! Show your son some proper editors.

Personally i am a long time (12 years) user of Norton Commander that has everything I need in the shell - win32 native rewrite (brilliant!) is here: www.rarsoft.com/far_manager.htm (http://www.rarsoft.com/far_manager.htm)

1st November 2003, 02:14
She's a singer isn't she ......... ;)

what else would you expect from a mainframe dino 0]

2nd November 2003, 12:43
try coreftp - allows you to edit in place (OK it downloads & uploads but it sort of seems like it works in place) you can select your own editor (I use tsweb or crimson).

its easy. no more vi.