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6th November 2003, 09:29
"Windows Component Update CD"
Enterprise Architect [year 2002]

Got used as a 'beer mat' for coffee cup

any suggestions folks ?

I have one hell of an unhappy machine
as far as .net is concerned ...

6th November 2003, 09:41
get in touch with ms support (uk) - i'm sure they'll replace on receipt of the product code. failing that, people here (inc me) could burn you a copy.
but how come you have an unhappy machine? did you knacker it before doing the install?????? :rolleyes

EDIT: making the assumption that burning a copy would be legal of course! does anybody know what the position is on that given that the component update really only contains stuff you can get from ms in any case?

6th November 2003, 16:00
sort of situation, if you understand.

the version of .net is via ms (usa)

I will be brief with the .net
beta #2 went very strange ...
removed the thing,
or atleast as far as the remove program worked ...
put a trial 2002 on the machine, no debug ...
killed the entire framework and everything.

reinstalled vs6 ( enterprise ten licence jobbie )
debug was gone on my fully licenced supported product.

ms uk were very helpful,
do this do that, run this file we are sending you ...
ms uk sent me a trial 2003 which died.

me, I knackered it via the add and remove programs.

lost the plot and tried to install the 2002
lost it even more and removed 2003
Getting rather flustered, with cd's like frizzbies
and more coffee that was reasonable,
and the coffee mat issue.


6th November 2003, 21:38
Scots.. I've just ruined my legit copy of VS 2003, can you burn me one? ;)

7th November 2003, 00:08
I have disks +
sql 2000 and a sp to that
and four
will I ever have time but excellent looking manuals.

What I have screwed up is the:
Windows Componet Update CD 2002

The instructions, and I emailed Microsoft UK about this,
is remove and re-install especially if you use trial 2003.

So by version changing and not paying attention to my coffee
I am getting the cd equal of "abort/retry/ignore".

Setup.exe /NO_BSLN_CHECK did not do the business
(Microsoft have always been good to me about such things,
especially if I stretch the point that leaving the framework
alone was the smart thing to do but microsoft did not make
that crystal clear .... )

Thank you for contacting Microsoft. Please note that we are currently experiencing high volumes that may result in a delay. We will respond to your message as soon as possible and thank you for your patience.

For urgent inquiries, please call us on 0870 60 10 100. Our business hours are 8am to 6pm Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

If you would like technical support, please submit your query by visiting www.microsoft.com/uk/support/ (http://www.microsoft.com/uk/support/) or by telephoning 0870 60 10 100.

Kind regards,

Microsoft Customer Services

Now it just happens that if you visit

they will send you a number of c.d.'s on the freddie freeman
if you are a net passport holder ( not hard sign up as you go along if not a member ) but they are .net 2003.

Below is my 2002 SDK ...

Directory of D:\ Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin

05-01-2002 16:38 40,960 AxImp.exe
12-09-2001 20:25 7,440 cert2spc.exe
12-09-2001 20:25 59,152 certmgr.exe
12-09-2001 20:25 18,192 ChkTrust.exe
05-01-2002 05:32 233,472 cordbg.exe
05-01-2002 16:40 45,056 disco.exe
05-01-2002 05:32 10,240 FUSLOGVW.exe
05-01-2002 05:32 61,440 gacutil.exe
05-01-2002 16:45 32,768 lc.exe
12-09-2001 20:25 39,184 makecert.exe
05-01-2002 05:32 61,440 mscordmp.exe
05-01-2002 05:32 57,344 PermView.exe
05-01-2002 05:32 57,344 PEVerify.exe
05-01-2002 17:00 36,864 ResGen.exe
05-01-2002 17:01 16,384 SecUtil.exe
12-09-2001 20:25 55,568 setreg.exe
12-09-2001 20:25 25,872 signcode.exe
05-01-2002 17:01 15,360 SoapSuds.exe
05-01-2002 17:02 9,216 StoreAdm.exe
05-01-2002 17:19 24,576 TlbExp.exe
05-01-2002 17:19 32,768 TlbImp.exe
05-01-2002 17:20 81,920 WinCV.exe
05-01-2002 17:20 131,072 WinRes.exe
05-01-2002 17:21 61,440 wsdl.exe
05-01-2002 17:21 49,152 xsd.exe

But if Scots can burn the latest and greatest enterprise 2003
and and and and
then that would be cool ...

7th November 2003, 16:12
Microsgft in Germany will send what I want for 17.00 quid
This would however mean that I will have to first
ask my solicitor to write to my wife
for the proof of purchase
to be forwarded to me.

That means a 100.00 cost for a solicitor's letter.
And my wife dragging her feet for a few months.

so I am basically giving up at this point.

7th November 2003, 20:36
those who search will always find.

8th November 2003, 16:40
Indeed Atw. I have found this too although I could not possibly say. Mind you, if anyone pirates my software they will be DESPICABLE DISHONEST BASTARDS and disembowelling will be far too good for them.