View Full Version : Problems with voice recognition software.

31st October 2003, 13:36
A mate is trying to get Naturally Speaking v5 to work on her computer without success. She uses a Sony digital dictaphone.

Any ideas?

31st October 2003, 17:42

Speak all proper like.

S p e a k v e r y s l o w l y.

Any help?

31st October 2003, 18:22
She's done all of those.

Any more ideas?

Mark Snowdon
1st November 2003, 13:13
How good is the sound quality on the dictaphone ? How is it connected ?

try recording something from the dictaphone onto the PC then play it back through the PC speakers - how does it sound ?

Putting a decent microphone (NOT the one supplied with the software which must have cost them all of 20p) on made all the difference last time I looked at this.

Is it a decent spec machine ? lots of processor and memory?

Also isnt v5 quite old now ?

3rd November 2003, 08:52
I'll check all this - Ta Mark.

She's about to buy the latest Via Voice and I'm going over to check it all out.

Mutts Nuts
4th November 2003, 13:28
Check things like audio levels etc. How is she connecting the dictaphone to the PC? is there a problem in the fact that the DP may be mono?