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5th November 2003, 15:43
Not over hopeful of getting an answer but here is a problem ..

I'm running a headless mini-itx box (windows xp pro - fully updated) using an intel 11Mb usb wireless adaptor.

Sony laptop xp pro fully updated with linksys pccard 54Mb wireless.

Linksys broadband router - 100Mb ethernet to desktop (xp home) + 54Mb wireless AP section

I use VNC server on the mini-itx box with viewers on desktop + laptop.

The mini-itx was rather busy downloading some stuff and I looked to see how it was doing from the laptop - VNC bottled out after a while - couldn't connect from desktop either.

I then noticed that the wireless link appeared to be out on the laptop - no signal and couldn't see the AP. Tried an 11Mb card I have spare - same problem.

This or other very similar scenarios have happened several times and after much cursing and rebooting of router I eventually found everything clears up if I reboot the mini-itx. Strange thing is even while the wireless and VNC appear completely dead the mini-itx is still successfully downloading over it's 11Mb usb wi-fi

Suggestions ?

5th November 2003, 20:56
you appear to be using WiFi G router with WiFi B card - supposed to work in compatibility mode, but who knows? have not tried wifi in my mini-itx box |I

7th November 2003, 01:35
Instead of VNC try Remote desktop (control panel -> system -> Remote -> remote desktop) this is a cut down version of terminal services more reliable than VNC I find (I like VNC but TS just seems to work better), If you are going cross platform there is a terminal services client for Linux.

7th November 2003, 09:27
Thanks for the tip on an alternative program - I'll check it out. Strangely it has not happened again though - usually when something goes wrong 2 or 3 times on the trot it continues to do so.

All I've changed since (which s/b unrelated) is to download and apply the latest mainboard and audio drivers for some unrelated issues I thought they may fix (problems getting spdif o/p to work and what seemed overly high processor load when cutting a cdr).

Still this is the wonderful world of Windoze where strange bugs are normal. I would try Linux but I really don't have the time to devote to learning about it - I want to use the computer not spend my life naffing about with it.

28th November 2003, 10:07
and best part of a month on it still hasn't repeated itself.

I did swap over to UltraVNC last week though which appears to be better and faster.