View Full Version : PCMCIA device on a Desktop

31st October 2003, 10:15
I've got an HP CD Writer that interfaces to the laptop via a PCMCIA card.

Is it possible to get either a card for the desktop that will accept the PCMCIA ? or what about a USB device to read the PCMCIA?

I'm just being tight as I don't want to buy a brand new USB Hard Drive / CD Writer !


31st October 2003, 10:17
You can get add on PCMCIA devices for desktops.

Not exactly cheap though, I think the last one I used was about £200 for the interface card and the card reader thingy that sits on the desk.

Mark Snowdon
31st October 2003, 12:03
Lots of those things were available with differenty cable options, so usb, firewire, pcmcia etc.

Zeitghost is correct that you can get internal adapters try google - eg www.amtron.com/reader/internal.htm (http://www.amtron.com/reader/internal.htm)