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4th February 2003, 16:09
Can anyone suggest a good web site builder suite that
allows the creation of a shopping cart and would also allow integration to World Pay. I can see that WorldPay only offers integration to certain shopping carts and products. Also something that wont break the bank.

If you've used any of these packages what are your impressions. Are they user friendly, easy to use.

5th February 2003, 01:57
Well I simply use FrontPage (but any website building software would do) and Mal's eCommerce for the cart and integration with a number of payment processing services.

Mal's eCommerce Link (http://www.mals-e.com/)

Mals is free for basic integration, and about 6 or 7 US$ (I think) for more advanced customisation features. Check it out.

Check my site at RAMMSHACK Cases (http://www.ramms.co.uk/cases.htm) for an insight into the free version working.

We don't use WorldPay - it's slow, and expensive to set up. You have to buy your stuff, store it, sell it and then wait about a month to get your payment - that doesn't seem like profitable business to me.

5th February 2003, 10:29
I really wanted to set up a site so that I could accept
credit cards. Im setting up a new business. I guess that
Im going to have to approach banks and try and get a
merchant account. I just thought that by keeping costs
low I could reduce my risks.

But with a new limited company, I think the banks will
be a bit concerned about offering merchant services.

Has anyone been down this route, any suggestions/comments ?

5th February 2003, 21:47
PayPal allows you to accept credit cards & Nochex (www.nochex.com) will enable you to process debit card payments.

Nochex is secure, but because of that it takes your customers 2 days to set up if they don't have an account already - which isn't helpful. That is also dependant upon them having access to their debit card statement or bank account statement on-line too.

PayPal costs 3.4% per transaction and is very insecure. However your customers can pay immediately. So you'll need a "hands-on" approach to checking the validity of your customer. However it is easier to get someone who's already paid to send proof of id, and you can then be secure with that customer.

Mal's eCommerce will enable you to process both these payment procesing services without having to pay a fee for using their shopping cart system.

Mal's will also, of course, take debit/credit card details on your behalf, and store them securely - which you can then use to process through a standard merchants terminal as mail order/customer not present. I believe you can check validity with a quick phone call to confirm the card holders address is the same as the delivery address.

6th February 2003, 10:59
I am thinking of using PayPay on my website and was alarmed about your statement "PayPal costs 3.4% per transaction and is very insecure.".
In what was is it "very insecure"? Is it open to and often used for fraudulant buying and similar abuse?

6th February 2003, 14:50
At the moment, yes.

You need to get independant proof of id from your PayPal customers.

None of their protection schemes are relevant to UK traders, and they do not check that addresses given to them match CC details. This means that in the case of accepting a payment from a stolen card you might find yourself the subejct of a charge back.

You might consider moneybookers.com as an alternative, but their sign up proceedures are convoluted and unhelpful - infac there are even errors which make it very confusing to new moneybookers customers - who can end up creating extra accounts in error.

You need a secure server too, with moneybookers, to process payments to you.

Actually, on reflection - PayPal costs 3.4% plus 20p per transaction. It then costs £1 to transfer your balance to your bank account. Of couse, you might have several transactions you can transfer simultaneously, so the £1 charge is only relevant if you get few orders and need to transfer funds back to your account often.

It's worth noting, though, that many suppliers will accept PayPal transactions - so you can pay some of your bills that way too. There's no charge to you, when paying another PayPal account holder.