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27th June 2002, 12:56
Anyone had experience with using NetMeeting with Messenger on Win2k.
Cannot access the messenger directory from NetMeeting.
the debug is saying that NetMeeting does not recognise Messenger.
Reinstalled both products but still nothing.
The only other possiblity is the personal firewall but cannot see any options that will resolve it.

28th June 2002, 22:34
Your problem is most likely to be the firewall. You need to have a large number of ports open and available to use a webcam. If you're using a router, and those ports aren't enabled you will need to enable them.

Check Microsoft's support website for details;

They have an 8 part "introduction" here: www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/techinfo/deployment/natfw/default.asp (http://www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/techinfo/deployment/natfw/default.asp)