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22nd April 2002, 23:19
I recently re-installed Windows XP on my computer, and decided this time to set it up so that my girl-friend could use it as well, i.e. 2 user accounts.

The problem I have is that although Windows Messenger works perfectly on my account, when I switch to the other one it won't start at all. Also when I try e-mail on this account it takes 10-15 seconds to start because it's waiting for the messenger client, which of course isn't running.

Any ideas, beside's removing, and re-installing messenger?

20th November 2002, 18:47
You may have to give u gf permission to execute the app.

21st November 2002, 00:32
When I suggested (many moons ago now) that I and my (ex-) girlfriend kept separate home email addresses, she accused me of being secretive and trying to hide things from her. As it transpired, she was absolutely right.

Of little value to this thread, I'm afraid, but I felt it important to mention it, so that you know how lucky you are to be with a lass that understands a man's need for privacy.

21st November 2002, 09:12
Why didn't you just use a hotmail account?

21st November 2002, 10:53
It's easier to change gf than email address... :)

29th November 2002, 16:29
I refuse to waste brain cells on this post because you're stupid enough to use messenger in the first place ;)