View Full Version : How to view AVI files.

25th June 2002, 11:45
I have a movie to watch. Downloaded it in two parts. How do I 'join' them and then view them as one?

I'm told codecs is needed but cannot get them to work.

Any ideas?

roger rabbit
25th June 2002, 11:55
Ahem, a friend told me this you understand. If you visit one of the good free pornsites, you will get links to Codec providers where you can downloand all the codecs you need. I would tell you the addresses, but I don't know them you understand.

Alternatively, type codecs into Google and get to the sites that way. Might be less fun though....

Mark Snowdon
25th June 2002, 17:58
try www.divx.com for the latest codecs

joining movies depends on the type of movie, RR is right search on google.

pecks power join is recommended but I dont know where to download it - google again