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Barn Owl
16th September 2003, 11:57

I am initially testing the water to gauge interest, so please make your mark if interested.
I will bring this thread to the top over the next couple of weeks and then it will be deleted.

16th September 2003, 14:41
I am a trainer/consultant with experience of learning organisations and Service Management (ITIL). Not sure if I fit so I'll ask you a couple of questions...

Do you expect to have customers? Do you know how to negotiate, create and manage Service Level Agreements? Do you know how to setup and manage a Service Desk? Do you know how to ensure continuity whilst maintaining the stability of a service? Do you know how to organise and manage your hardware and software resource? Do you know how to keep your customers happy enough to stay with you and recommend you to others?

I do... :D

16th September 2003, 15:23
B O,

This is an excellent initiative. I shall respond later on more thoroughly.

16th September 2003, 19:47
-info retrieval/extraction
-named entity recognition
-lexical processing
-data mining
i could put a few hours in

16th September 2003, 22:08
not sure about degree of possible involvement but I was (still am) planning my firm along similar lines with only exception that it is my who controls at least 80% of equity.

the biggest challenge for proposed idea in my opinion is successful determination of contribution of all involved parties - say 1 person offers great ground breaking idea and he leads the way doing almost everything, then, how would you determine what % is due to that person? Surely fixed ownership of the firm is not flexible enough.

17th September 2003, 08:44
Barn O,


Knowledge Mgt ( Financial services), Change Mgt ( the lattest trend), Project Mgt ( huge experience), Consultancy, Experience of running successful companies, mathematical background, AI, Neural Network, adaptive system etc..

I particularly like the concept of collaborative teams.

I have always been surprised, considering the many talented individuals on the board, why an IT type of co-op shop has not emerged.

Fundamentally your proposition/idea is sound.

Let me know how you get on.

I am surprised NickNack has not been in touch.

Mark Snowdon
17th September 2003, 09:33
Always interested in options...

I have always been surprised, considering the many talented individuals on the board, why an IT type of co-op shop has not emerged.

couple of reasons:
because no matter how good the technical / consultancy skills, there still needs to be someone to sell. that requires skill and costs money (possibly lots of money)

coordinating people who are by definition individualists is difficult.

some people dont like the idea of not charging full whack every day. The business has overheads (sales & mktg not the least) and too many contractors really are greedy serial employees.

17th September 2003, 10:06

I agree with your second and third point.

In relation to the first one I had offered in the past to finance some co-op type start-ups.

I believe that perhaps the "individualism" is the main barrier.

I regularly hear of "politics" and how by contracting one is doing away with this aspect! How naive!

I do not believe, that in time of crisis, one-man band can thrive!

Barn Owl
17th September 2003, 13:26

17th September 2003, 16:48
Don't forget the use of the EZboard email messages.

18th September 2003, 10:33
Project Management, Business Analysis etc.

You may find my skills of use...

18th September 2003, 20:01
good luck guys - I am not in since I've got enough good ideas to work for a year and I dont want to share them, plus I find that being Dictator in the initial stages helps a lot - all these bloody talks and discussions, and egos etc just slow things down.

18th September 2003, 22:38
I started a similar venture some years ago and I can confirm that the 'political' aspect is very hard to deal with.

Sort out your structure and ownership plans first, make them very clear and fixed or you may become mired in arguments about who should own what percentage of shares. This happened to my project even though all were aware of the structure from the outset - it didn't stop them wanting to change things.

This not only leads to conflict but wastes time and energy that should be directed into the business. I felt I was left but with no choice to pull the plug very quickly becau of this.

It is amazing how many people want to waste valuable (and expensive) meeting room time on something that is nothing whatsoever to do with the purpose of the meeting, trying to change the basis on which the meeing is being held in the first place.

Barn Owl
19th September 2003, 10:00

19th September 2003, 13:54
trust and talent - thats what is needed.

19th September 2003, 20:08
> AtW, I spent some time yesterday preparing some replies
> for your queries, but alas you burn your bridges far too
> quickly.

i am perfectly capable of taking my words back and changing my mind based on other people's arguments. Please feel free to post your relpies. Some projects may have common interests where collaboration might be very helpful, for example I would not mind to have people to help me support my stuff in exchange for similar sort of thing - aka barter.

I can't see how you can resolve the principal issue of how to ownership will be divided in respect to unknown future contribution of members. I would not particularly trust conditional agreements where by after X months of work ownership will be fixed depending on each others contribution in said period.

It would have been much easier if all interested parties were in a good position of having cashflow that allowed them to live okayish without doing anything (say having their own firms running and had people working for them), and this would have enable said individuals to take more risks.

20th September 2003, 18:16
best of luck team,


20th September 2003, 18:49
as long as jobs are in separate areas with clearly defined APIs for intergration then simple emai will do - major projects like Linux, MySQL, PHP etc get coordinated this way.

20th September 2003, 21:11
Am I really so predictable :\

Re; Ownership - I can only say look to AtW's post - this is the kind of question you will face time and again if you do not have this sorted first and 'cast in stone' as non-negotiable.

You are going to need a strong leader to control your project who has the strength of will to 'can' anyone who even thinks about the merest possibility of questioning the structure - no matter how much they have to offer the project becuase with them on board there will be no project for them to contribute to.

PS That's not me or my project would not have failed:\ :\ .

22nd September 2003, 12:30
Spent the last 6 years working as a consultant for KM company.

Worked with inteligent search, collaboration, communities, categorisation, document/content management and general information sharing initiatives. Sounds an interesting idea - would like to hear more ...

Barn Owl
22nd September 2003, 19:58

23rd September 2003, 09:57
Barn Owl,

I have enabled my ezboard e-mail feature. I have just sent you an e-mail.

Barn Owl
26th September 2003, 09:27
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26th September 2003, 13:44

Unfortunate others chose to misuse this BB.

I am still interested following your response.I planned to respond to your email today (been away for a couple of days so could not sooner), but as your email account is closed, I cannot do so.

If your still continuing as planned, please let me know how I can email you.