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2nd October 2003, 14:46
Hi all
I am currently a contractor MCSE 2000 with four years experience and I am getting more and more interested in security issues. I was wondering is there any specilaised path/certification that I can concentrate towards to?
I seen the CISSP certification but it requires something like four years experience of fours years commercial experience with security areas?
I am just starting in security first, not an expert wanting to certificate.
Any ideas anyone please?
Chillinlong :smokin

2nd October 2003, 15:42
Yep, if you want to be certified :lol the one to have is from ISEB www1.bcs.org.uk/bm.asp?sectionID=459 (http://www1.bcs.org.uk/bm.asp?sectionID=459)

The site tells you what it's about, the entry requirements (you pass) and the course providers.

The BCS holds a register of security specialists but you need this cerificate to get a look in.

2nd October 2003, 15:49