View Full Version : Anyone interested in free drink and food?

17th October 2003, 17:23
MarketPublic.com is offering a free night out in return for a little feedback about the experience. The agents (ie. you or I) would go to a pub/club/restaurant and make an order (which would consist of food and/or drinks). Once they get home, they fill out a simple questionnaire, send off their receipt and they'll be reimbursed the cost of food and drink.

The signup form only takes 2 minutes to complete, and then you can sit back, relax and wait for your first assignment. No agent is under any obligation to attend any event, and can rest assured that MarketPublic won't pass their details to any other organisation.

Currently they're marketing the idea to the general public. Once they have enough people on board to make it a viable prospect they'll start marketing the idea to national pub-chains and breweries.

More information at: www.marketpublic.com (http://www.marketpublic.com)
You can join here: www.marketpublic.com/signup.php (http://www.marketpublic.com/signup.php)