View Full Version : JS errors on CUK posts ?

27th July 2003, 00:09
Anybody else get javascipt errorson the posting page here? Works ok at work but at home none of the ezpost buttons work.

Another wierdy is that I can't select blocks of text.

If I wasn't so lazy I'd investigate it but I am so I'll ask if anybody else has first.

29th July 2003, 00:10
do you use anything like ZoneAlarm or Norton firewalls that interfere with java script? whats the version of IE/OS?

29th July 2003, 12:02
It's an old (hookey) version of XP Pro together with IE6 - I'm not that fussed - when I get my broadband connection I'll bring the lot up to date using MS update (having now changed the registration key to one that MS will update).

Might try the street legal desktop and see it that has problems.

Error it claims is illegal character in position 1 of line 2 (or something like that anyway) I have not bothered to check it out properly.

Since posting I noticed that the js error icon appears on plain displays too.