View Full Version : Oracle upgrade - RPT Conversion tools

19th July 2007, 08:34
I have a client that is looking to upgrade a very old Oracle application (Oracle 7). A large number of reporting modules in this application are old .RPT modules. I am told that the only migration route for these is to rewrite them from scratch in Oracle Reports. Does anyone know if there are are other options or indeed if there are any conversion tools (preferably free ones) which we casn apply to these modules?

19th July 2007, 13:49
Wow, some old reports you've got there. :smile I don't think there are any Oracle approved solutions out there (but I just did a quick Google search for "Oracle rpt") but there may be a few solutions out there that were custom written by others...whether they're suitable for you is a different matter...

Oracle has this to say...