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15th June 2003, 22:36
Hi Guys,

Looking for some recommendatiosn and advice.

I have a 17inch monitor which I've used pretty constantly for two years now. It's starting to crackle and get those horizontal lines flickering across it.

I'm guessing there is nothing sensible I can do to stop this and a new monitor is the next step.

So, if I can;t fix it, anyone recommend and good reliable monitor?



15th June 2003, 23:25
Can't say much about the quality,
but you can get a nice 19" flat screen crt for less than £200.

www.dabs.com/products/pro...klinx=2467 (http://www.dabs.com/products/prod-info.asp?quicklinx=2467)

sp2.reserve.co.uk/reviews...ode=GG8919 (http://sp2.reserve.co.uk/reviews/customer.php?code=GG8919)
sysopt.earthweb.com/userr...c_E95.html (http://sysopt.earthweb.com/userreviews/monitors/reviewhtml/Viewsonic_E95.html)

3 years return to base warranty.

Mark Snowdon
16th June 2003, 08:37
I would say dont touch ADI with a bargepole.

I bought a 21" that had very poor image quality, they kept insisting that I needed the correct drivers !

They eventually replaced it (not with a new one but a refurbished model) that was only marginally better.

I gave it away in the end.

The customer service was crap.

16th June 2003, 19:54
Hansol is good - i've got 17'' monitor that served me well for 2 years. I am particularly sensitive towards refresh rate - I cant work with less than 100hrz on CRT, luckily I've now got LCD both at home and work. Would highly recommend LCD as it does make different when using it for 12-14 hours a day as I do.

16th June 2003, 21:14
Thanks guys. I'll take you're advice on board.

You'll see I've also posted some advice about Laptops as well!!

Demanding aren't I!

17th June 2003, 09:51
On this subject, does anyone know how to repair the anti-glare coating on my otherwise perfect Sony Multiscan 200sf.

I've had it for years, but the coating has started to deteriorate leaving blotchy areas - some shiny, some matt.

I want to remove the coating completely, and/or re-coat it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.