View Full Version : IPAQ 3970 - Adding WIFI

11th June 2003, 14:33
Anyone know the best solution to adding WIFI abilities to an IPAQ 3970?

Should I go down the Compact Flash "sleeve" route and buy a CF II WIFI card or use a PCMCIA adapter and card?

Anyone know of the cheapest combination that works?


11th June 2003, 21:07
buy CF - pcmcia is much bigger drain on battery, and WiFi alone is bad enough.

btw, there will soon be released SD WiFI card - they are native for 3970 (i've got it msyelf), these aing gonna be cheap tho.

check out this link on expansys (bought from them enough times to recommend): www.expansys.com/d_wireless.asp (http://www.expansys.com/d_wireless.asp)