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2nd August 2003, 10:21

I wonder if you could help me? I'm looking for 3-4 .NET developers.

The client is looking for 3 dot net developers who are self motivated and able to mentor several permanent staff. You will be able to work under minimal supervision and have a responsible attitude.

You MUST have the following commercial experience:-

12 months VB.NET
12 months ASP.NET
12 months HTML
18 Months + Javascript
2 years + VB6 & ASP

This is an immediate opportunity to work with a blue chip client. The rate is negotiable and will be for 3 months initially. If you feel this is right then please bounce your CV back to me, or if you know of anybody with the right skills please bounce this email onto them.


01628 507777

Please note CUK have had a message to say these positions have been filled. Other enquiries can be directed to the email and telephone number above.

2nd August 2003, 11:02
Milan ought to be able to help you with this... :D

4th August 2003, 09:49
Yep - Milan could fill all three positions himself saving them money.:)

6th August 2003, 18:54
I'll be able to do it soon once I've got IIS on my laptop.

At which time I'll be able to practice what I have been reading.

There'll be no stopping me then.



8th August 2003, 22:13
I take it you are on page 4?
Have you ever thought you are experiencing deja vu?


13th October 2003, 15:16
Is it me or am I seeing double...

26th October 2003, 00:30
Bah! VB.Net! Why cant they use something elegant like C#... nothing worse than writing code that begins 'the program wot I wrote in my holiday by mcquiggd aged 33 and a 1/4'.... :D