View Full Version : Java App in Windows Toolbar?

28th May 2003, 09:11
Is it possible to minimize a Java App to run in the background and have a little icon in the toolbar?

28th May 2003, 14:01
When you say toolbar, do you mean the system tray in Windows (the bit on the bottom right near the clock), cos I suspect that sort of functionality is Windows specific and hence not straightforward in "run it anywhere" Java.

Easy peasy with .NET and WinForms mind :smokin

28th May 2003, 16:35
www.javaapis.com/jtray/ (http://www.javaapis.com/jtray/)

Rust never sleeps

28th May 2003, 20:38
Dim, how much you charging for your superior skills? Don't be shy to say I want to make sure I don't undercut locals ;)

29th May 2003, 08:45
250 dollars ....you've got to be s-hitting me private pile

i think i'll leave the program portable..

29th May 2003, 10:50
jeans.studentenweb.org/ja...yicon.html (http://jeans.studentenweb.org/java/trayicon/trayicon.html)

www.amherst.edu/~tliron/j...cator.html (http://www.amherst.edu/~tliron/jni/DesktopIndicator/DesktopIndicator.html)


29th May 2003, 12:35

so if i wanted to keep the program platorm neutral i would just write in some code to get the system properties then its just a case of the trusty If -- else. if the user hasn't got the java libraries on their system such as the swing stuff (which is unlikely for the average user) javax.swing classes would need to be packaged with the program?

just out of interest, does win xp come with the JRE now?

29th May 2003, 20:27

A modest £400/day. Cheap as chips me, but not as tasty.

If I find you out there doing .NET dev for £7/hr I'll kick your teeth in. >:

You have been warned.

31st May 2003, 00:25
nice rate - glad for you. not going for .net market for at least a year cuz i want to gain more experience. btw, would you say vb.net would be rated a LOT lower than C#? we currently do everything in vb.net but I plan to switch to proper language in 2 months.

dont worry - next year I plan to quit working for anyone apart from myself, so I will no longer be a competitor for you and others.