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15th May 2003, 08:48
Hi Guys,

Some of you may have read (And answered - thanks) my post about my slow ME machine.

Well, I've bitten the bullet and purchase XP Pro. Software should arrive soon.

The question is, do I just install over ME (as I remember doing when I upgrade win3.11 to win95 many years ago!) or do I have to install ME first?



PS. You may have noticed I'm not the worlds most technical person!

15th May 2003, 08:55
you've bought the 'full' version and not an upgrade (if it exists in winxp?) then best is a reformat of at least the partition containing your os and a clean rebuild. don't know if xp will upgrade win me but best is always reformat/rebuild.

15th May 2003, 12:09
Yes it's the full version.

I'm not sure a format of the partition the OS is in, is a good idea for me, as everything is under the C: drive (doh!).

So, can I just format the WinME (delete everything in Windows directory?) or would I be better off uninstalling WinME?

15th May 2003, 12:18
Provided your hardware is XP compliant, and you have plenty of room on your hard drive, then upgrading (without deleting anything) should go along quiet smoothly. But do make a backup of any important data and applications beforehand, this is most important.

Another thing to note is that you should apply the service pack and patches. Almost all my technical problems with XP were solved by doing this.

If the SP isn't included in the box when it arrives, be sure to either download it (if you have a broadband connection) or pop down to your local newsagents and get a copy stuck on the front of a magazine.

The patches include driver updates. There are also DirectX and other improvements.

15th May 2003, 13:31
Thanks. Will let you know how I get on!

15th May 2003, 20:16
do not upgrade -- install into new directory which would keep your old winme install for software that does not work well in XP. Also, if you go that route then create new drive because if you install into same drive with me then Program Files will be screwed and while majority of software in it will keep running - some wont. Create a new drive for XP and install there.

16th May 2003, 20:11

How do I create a new drive...

Sorry to be so technically incompetant!

16th May 2003, 20:53
you should be able to do that during Win xp install, consider not craeting NTFS drive to be able to read from it when you boot win me.

19th May 2003, 17:15
Upgrade all done and appears successful!

Antivirus software won't run as I have to upgrade!..

I think I'll look at Norton instead of PC Cillin (which is what I was running.

Thanks for all the help

20th May 2003, 21:48
Both PC Cillin and Norton are believed to have a minor issue with MS Outlook.

I use PC Cillin 2000 with XP and have no problems - but then I use Groupwise which can't be attacked by viruses directly, unlike Exchange/Outlook.

22nd May 2003, 17:19
I knew I had spoken too soon!

I tried to log onto my Goldfish card account last night and long before I even get to type username/password, it checks my encryption level.

The site refuses to let me in by tellling me that I am using IE5 with an encryption level below 128.

I've checked and I am using IE6 with 128!

Anyone got any ideas?


22nd May 2003, 21:07
your anti-virus/firewall software is being a bit over zealous :)

23rd May 2003, 20:10
Hi Scotspine.

Nice idea and made complete sense.

I disabled my antivirus/firewall - still same problem

I then unistalled them, rebooted - still same problem...

Any other thooughts?



26th May 2003, 17:40
IE6 has a few bugs straight out of the can. Have you tried doing a Windows Update? There are a number of patches.

26th May 2003, 17:43

Thanks for helpful advice.

Goldfish Customer services emailled me to say it is a bug at their end. They are working on it and have provided a work around.

Pretty darn good service from them considering today is a Bank Hol!