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19th May 2003, 20:23
How much does it cost to have a static IP (ie. stays the same always) address on broadband?

19th May 2003, 21:34
When I looked about 4 months ago BT wanted an extra £10 per month, on top of their normal broadband service, for a package that include a static ip.

19th May 2003, 22:48
you may get away with dynadns like people on the cheap - this will give you domain name pointing to your pc with ip updated from your box automatically

20th May 2003, 00:31
www.ephgroup.com (tell them Alex sent you, gets me a beer)

Home 500

This option offers you the lowest monthly line rental of only £23.50 per month by agreeing to a minimum contract term of 12 months.

Another useful option that you can include with your ADSL account is the provision of a fixed IP address. This can be a useful addition if you wish to serve web pages from your PC, play networked games or access some secure services. This option costs only £1.99 per month.

The line activation charge of £50 + VAT will be taken as a one off payment with this order. The activation charge is paid by us to BT when your order for conversion is placed.

The telephone support is chargeable but who needs it? These boys are mates of mine and are pretty flexible. They do hosting as well. Not the cheapest but they try and take things seriously.

20th May 2003, 01:28
Vetran, problem, I'm not on a BT line. - im on telewest

20th May 2003, 15:20
Why don't you ring Telewest and ask?

Just a suggestion :)

20th May 2003, 20:19
Telewest and NTL don't provide fixed IP address on private cable modems. Business packages are different and from memory some of them provide fixed addresses.

I use dnspark for my domain hosting now. works fine when (if) the ip address changes and if my server is down temporarily it stores and forwards any email I would have missed.

20th May 2003, 21:51
Demon/Thus provide a single fixed IP number on both dial-up and ADSL broadband at no extra charge.

Mark Snowdon
22nd May 2003, 14:19
UKlinux do hosting / dial up for £50 / year and add static IP for £25 (not sure if that is a one of set up or a yearly £25)

Do you need it for local site hosting or remote access/vpn security ?

If the former then the dynamic dns stuff should be fine.