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24th October 2003, 08:53
My computer shop is tucked away in an industrial estate not too far from some major roads.

I’m going to stick some direction signs up, Anyone know how much I will be fined if I am caught doing this?

Advice please.

24th October 2003, 09:25
Don't know, but at a guess you'll be buried in an iron coffin with spikes on the inside to discourage others from breaching planning regs.

24th October 2003, 11:29
Not as bad as IR35 penalties then

24th October 2003, 11:43
My guess is that you would be told to take them down before it came to a fine...

No 73434
24th October 2003, 14:54
Ninereeds, who does your business insurance?? I'm having trouble sourcing some.

Also, hope you don't mind, but how much rent are you paying at your industrial site?

25th October 2003, 08:11

The insurance company is with ohara (from this site I think)

Rent on 1500sqf is £580pcm rates are £160pcm both inc

Mark Snowdon
25th October 2003, 18:14
round here the council just seem to slap a big "illegal" sticker over your sign. primary impact is on the estate agents.

there is a mechanism for getting signs put up - ask the council and the AA/RAC (they offer short term signage for special events so must be up on the rules)

27th October 2003, 11:02
12 yards from the goal central