View Full Version : Oh Woe. A so slow PC!

30th March 2003, 16:32

My PC is slowly grinding to a halt. It's not a bad spec PC and they is nearly 3 GB of free disk space still available so I don't think its hardware related.

I'm running WinME (Stop laughing).

I was thinking of buying Ashampoo's Winoptimiser software. Anyone got any experience of such software and does it actually help?

Cheers from a technophobe!


30th March 2003, 18:26
Not that particular one. I do run EasyClean, Regclean and Norton to get rid of surplus files and clean registry fairly regularly and never seem to have noticeable speed problems.

I also avoid installing a lot of stuff I don't need. People who have these probs often seem to be PC buffs who are always swapping games, downloading tons of stuff from Internet and buy PC mags every month to try out the cover CDs.

30th March 2003, 21:43
Have you tried running MSCONFIG and see how many things you have running at system startup.

I tried this on a neighbours PC (whose son had been installing one thing after the other). Disabled them one by one (except for the things he needed) and his machine sprung to life.

31st March 2003, 20:30
Just reinstall the whole lot -- will take 1 max 2 hours, but it will be nice and fresh. You will spend more time trying other things without getting the same effect.

1st April 2003, 19:57

Do you mean rebuild or just reinstall. Someone told me a rebuild meant wiping the PC first and starting from scratch...Not sure I want to go that far!.

Reinstalling WinME is no great problem or even the main software I use..



1st April 2003, 21:00
reinstall -- software
rebuild - hardwrare -- second option, only if there are some weird malfunctions. Wiping out stuff from hard disk is still a software issue. dont format it unless you have bootable disks!

also, winME is a pile of crap, get XP (you need 256mb of ram to enjoy it tho).

2nd April 2003, 21:00
Thanks AtW,

I think you mean I should jsut reinstall without wiping disk..So I'll try that this weekend.

I have been looking at XP. However (to be honest) isn;t it just Win2000 with a few more bells and whistles?

I understand both are better at managing themselves (ie: easier to clean dud files/programs).



3rd April 2003, 00:45
no need to wipe disk, but do install into NEW directory. Also, bear in mind that you will need to move Program Files from root to ensure fresh install, its best to partition disk and install new OS on a new logical drive, this way you can double boot.

I've used all versions of windows since v3.0 apart from ME, and can vouch that XP is good. It is tuned version of 2k, less memory requirements, some things faster, generally recommened over any other windows OS, unless your software specifically requires lower versions (like MSFT SQL Server that wont install on XP).

18th April 2003, 21:36

Found the problem.

It was my virus software!

I got ot free with my bank account

Product is PC-Cillin from Trend Micro.

It;s been fine so far, but the latest patch has made my ME machine run like a dog!

Anyone had similar experiences?....Anyone like to recommend a good Anti virus software?



18th April 2003, 22:03
grisoft's AVG. Its good, has regular updates and is free for non commercial use.

18th April 2003, 23:12
I also use PC-Cillin which I got with my bank account - and it's updated this evening too, so have the latest patches.

I don't however have your problems, unless it is actually scanning. So I set it up to scan either at my request or overnight.

I'm also using XP-Pro.

I've just noticed, though, that many of the settings have been re-enabled.

If you're using Outlook, it isn't the best choice, because it can interfere with POP3 operations. You might find your PC will speed up if you disable the POP3 scan option.