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7th April 2003, 16:40
has anyone got a good site/tutorials for C++ & XML using Xerces ???

7th April 2003, 20:06
Lack of answers suggests role of C++ in XML world...

9th April 2003, 16:53
That bluddy typical that is. Just as I master VC++ and MFC you all start using something else. Bet if I learn C#, Java and .net you'll all fall about laffing cos that I bothered with that old hat. I HATE YOU ALL!

10th April 2003, 08:42

Agree on you on this one. Seems to me with platforms such as J2EE and .NET cornering the market in terms of XML processing, and C# and Java being the prime languages, the use of C++ in all but the lowest level of development is going to decline.

Why would you want the pain of C++ when dealing with complex XML processing? Way too much like hard work.

Use the right tool for the right job.

10th April 2003, 20:23
yep, Dim, we in agreement. Obviously actual XML parser should be written in low level C/C++ to be fast, but top level business logic can even be in VB. The only reason I still keep my C++ skills in tact is due to the fact that its primary language for mobile phones and this market is going to grow big time.

11th April 2003, 18:07
What makes you think the mobile industry is about to take off again?

The apps are exhausted.

Mobility was the killer app for mobiles.
Problem has now been solved.
Where's the next killer app?

IMO the industry is dead.

11th April 2003, 22:27
mobile SOFTWARE industry is only beginning, lets talk about it in 3 years.