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20th March 2003, 22:51

Not being the most technical person, Iwould welcome any advice from those of you who obviously are.

I am getting fed up with unwanted Pop ups appearing when I surf. Worse, one pop up started to install software onto my PC and told me to wait while it did so.

Is there any software I can get that will prevent these pop up (and also help clean up whatever software they are dropping onto my PC)?

I'm running Windows ME (don;t laugh).

Thanks for any help.



20th March 2003, 22:58

20th March 2003, 23:02
couldn't resist....
do a search for popup killer (loads of them) or disable scripting in your browser.
btw: scripting cannot write/install anything on your machine. it doesn't have permissions. (unless of course you ...?)

20th March 2003, 23:22
I knew that. Um. Oh yeh. Bollox.

Mark Snowdon
21st March 2003, 07:43
I use Opera for web browsing on windows - one of the options is 'open requested windows only' If I dont click on something to open it the browser doesnt allow it.

3rd April 2003, 05:07
its highly unlikely you will download anything nasty unless you explicitly say to do so. pop-ups are annoying but thats about it - and they do fund a lot of free services through advertising revenue so they're not all bad

3rd April 2003, 10:49
> they do fund a lot of free services through advertising revenue so they're not all bad

I won't serve popups or popunders because they annoy me intensely. If I visit a site and get more than one I never return.

What does annoy me is the banner blocking software - many sites are funded by advertising - if the advertising is eventually completely blocked a whole lot of sites that rely on it in part for their funding will simply go.

If you visit a site you should "pay" for the benefit - that means letting them throw their ads at you - if it pi55es you off don't go back there - simple.

Blow Bug
3rd April 2003, 11:22
If you are using IE 6 then change your security settings to HIGH and disable all active X plugins and controls

3rd April 2003, 13:47
The purpose built ad blockers and popup stoppers do a better job. Naffing about with what cookies you allow, disabling scripting etc. often stops site you want to visit from working properly.

Now - can anybody point me to some scripting that detects ad blocking so I can divert users of it to a page that says FOAD ?

10th April 2003, 23:07
Yo !!

somebody visited ********* from this page and it reminded me of this so I did a search - there is such a product www.antiadbuster.com (http://www.antiadbuster.com/index.php) Next task ... find a free one :)