View Full Version : Query about ftp/uploading

18th May 2002, 13:12

I'm probably too lazy to find out the best way to do this but I'm sure there is an easy way.

I wish to allow a third party access to some file space to upload some data. Lets say I get hold of one of those free web hosting services, create a directory, now what do I need to put in the HTML page to allow someone to do a ftp upload?



18th May 2002, 13:31
edit...re my previous response - what a load of nonsense....to do file upload best is to use a serverside component. some free spaces will allow that, not many. .NET has inbuilt classes you can use.

3rd April 2003, 19:31
search google for "perl file upload" and install it on a perl-supported webhost. a simple form will allow a user to upload a selected file

3rd April 2003, 21:24
use standard form uploading facility via HTTP,lots of scripts for this, PHP supports its natively.