View Full Version : need ascii code/html entity for superscript 4 and 6

Cynical Optimist
1st April 2003, 17:38
also known as to the power of 4 and to the power of six.
Are these standard defns, I've been looking for hours and the closest thing I can find is &#2074 which gives me € instead of being superscript 4 in unicode.

I've a user wants to put in 10 to the power of 4 in a field on a fairly standard IE5/6 browser, Standard PC setup.

1st April 2003, 21:35
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Cynical Optimist
2nd April 2003, 12:13
if anyone is remotely interested:
Go to word, do insert symbol, scroll down to character 2074, click insert.
then cut and paste it back into browser field.
Its a horrible solution but I cannot get my keyboard to do it with any combo of key presses

2nd April 2003, 12:22
Try this
This is to the power of <SUP>4</SUP>
This is to the power of <SUP>6</SUP>

2nd April 2003, 12:27
Why not use stylesheets


2nd April 2003, 12:31
I originally posted the following but then thought it was not what was needed because it is to be entered into a field.

10<sup><font size="+">4</font></sup>

I assumed there will not be codes for powers since the number required is infinite.

Anyway, I know nothing about html so just ignore my ramblings.