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17th March 2003, 16:14
Using visual interdev 6 to build some asp web pages.
Created a style sheet and linked to it in asp file.
Preview the window in visual studio - styles come across ok.
Load to localhost style is completed ignored.
Appears that .htm files will reflect the style sheet info but .asp files won't.

Is there any way around this or am i just being completely thick and have to build and htm file for every asp page?

Mark Snowdon
17th March 2003, 20:02
Disclaimer - I know next to nothing about asp.

Is the path to the style sheet a hard coded c:\ ..... thing or does it reflect the web path ?

Is it possible that your path is not the internet path but is a file system path ?

{ crawls back under unixy stone ]

17th March 2003, 20:14
Seems to be a web path.
The stuff renders ok in the built design view in interdev but appears to ignore the stylesheet on the web.
Hopefully there are still some asp bods who visit the technical once in a while.
Thanks for the idea though Mark (PS you still planning on moving to NZ ?)

17th March 2003, 21:27
it does sound like a path issue. depending on what type of project you have set up in interdev, interdev sticks the files in different places. have you checked to see that the .css file is where you think it should be in inetpub/wwwroot/... and that it is also visible via the iis snap-in where you believe it should be?

18th March 2003, 10:17
Stuck the full path in and seems to have done the trick.
Thanks for the help guys.
Look out for more asp questions as i a stumble around this software over the coming weeks.

Mark Snowdon
18th March 2003, 11:20

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