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5th March 2003, 15:41
I have an NTL cable modem connection and am looking at options for a dedicated router/firewall device.

I have found this Vigor 2200 E product for £103+VAT.


Features are:

The Vigor2200E is a combined router, firewall and Ethernet switch designed to provide broadband Internet connectivity to your LAN. It is compatible with any broadband device which provides a 10BaseT Ethernet connection, for example a cable modem or ADSL feed with Ethernet. The Vigor2200E is particuarly ideal for cable modem services from NTL and Telewest BlueYonder. Once installed, all users on your LAN can surf the web or download files simultaneously.


Hardware Platform Specifications

Product Highlights
Built-in 4-Port 10/100BaseT Ethernet Switch (with automatic uplink)
NAT Firewall - with IP Packet Filtering
VPN 'passthrough’
DMZ Host Support
Routing Features

Internet Protocols : PPP, PPPoE
Static routing
Dynamic routing with support for RIP-2
DNS Proxy & Cache
NAT Features

DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) - For passthrough of all protocols/data to a single internal host
Management Features

Telnet access to the router
DHCP server
Graphical user-friendly interface (HTTP)
Diagnosis Tools
Flash-Upgradeable memory for firmware upgrades/enhancements
Security Features

NAT Firewall with IP Packet Filtering
IP Anti-Spoofing
LAN Ports

Built-in four port 10/100 Ethernet switch
WAN Port

RJ45 Ethernet Port

I this a good product? Any advice suggestions appreciated.


5th March 2003, 17:25
DP -

Certainly sounds like you have all the features you would need for general home b/band use.

I have used LinkSys products before and they work nicely. I think for about the same price as the one you have listed you can get one with 802.11b (wireless LAN) capability. (Naturally you'll need an 802.11b card for your PC(s)/Laptop as well.)

If you search Amazon, say, for LinkSys ......

5th March 2003, 17:38
See the ADSL Router/Modem thread further down as well - gives a few more examples.

5th March 2003, 21:59

11th March 2003, 01:48
SMC Barricade is good, I've got 7 port one. Sweet stuff, the only complain is that my model does not support WiFi :(

Dont buy cheap Belkin (40 quid) stuff -- its not playing well on BlueYonder network. Be careful with support for certain internet protocols: I am not expect in this area, but AFAIK some routers do miss out certain nice and must to have protocols, make sure you read reviews, especially from people who use it on your cable network!

17th March 2003, 11:37
Don't get one without wireless - you'll wish you had within a couple of years.