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9th March 2003, 12:42
The company that I use to generate a little revenue by serving banner ads appears to be in the brown stuff. Their servers have been down nearly a week so I suspect they've gone bust.

I have emailed today but don't really expect a reply. The account was in credit on the banner exchange side by more that 500k impressions but luckily I'd just taken most of the cash so there was only £20 available anyway.

Can anybody recommend a good banner and/or affiliate network. I need one for ********* that doesn't mind that sort of site (filth mostly) which narrows the field but I'd be prepared to look at different ones for each site

11th March 2003, 01:45
Try new Google's program: www.startribune.com/stori...38827.html (http://www.startribune.com/stories/535/3738827.html)

Indications are that it will (like many other Gs stuff) work, let me know how it goes!

12th March 2003, 12:16
Thanks for the link but I'm looking to make money from traffic not pay money to get traffic which is what that seems to be about.

AdvertWizard is now into rigor-mortis and will soon be decomposing I guess. In the meantime I've had www.tradedoubler.com recommended to me on another board and am giving it a tryout - only have the auth on a couple of advertisers so far.

It's a great pity AW went down from my pov - I was making at least some money from them.

12th March 2003, 15:21
Amazon have a great affiliation programme. I also use Commision Junction (http://www.cj.com/index.jsp), they have the Crucial Memory scheme (but they also charge if you don't make any money for 6 months).

And, of course UK Affiliates (http://www.ukaffiliates.com/)

12th March 2003, 16:41
Thanks Rob -
I already use Amazon on KwikBreaks (and ITdoctors)

I think I looked at Commision Junction in the past but thanks for reminding me.

I had a UK affiliates account for a while - that's the one where I got plenty of click throughs but the visitors never bought anything so my earnings were sfa and I reverted to AdWiz. I suspect their problem was they were paying out too much.

When banners started out you could get pay for display - apart from AdWiz I don't see that now - there aren't even many that pay for a click now (some of the tradedoubler ones do) most only pay commission on sales which make more business sense I suppose.

12th March 2003, 18:13
I had a UK affiliates account for a while - that's the one where I got plenty of click throughs but the visitors never bought anything so my earnings were sfa and I reverted to AdWiz. I suspect their problem was they were paying out too much.

They had a problem with sites constructed using FrontPage, such as mine - which they have only just noticed/recognised publicly. Is your site constructed using a wysiwyg editor?

One of the issues was recording click throughs, but not sales!

I only have a few of their items left on my site now, and have never made anything on UKA whatsoever.

12th March 2003, 22:58
fiddle, you did nto get it -- new Goggle's program works the other way -- YOU get paid for traffic and they display ads on your site which are RELEVANT to yoru content. Goggle makes a forture from adwords (peple pay to get traffic) and they will share these with your stie. If nothing else I'd give it a go.

13th March 2003, 11:13
ATW - I'll re-read it. If their contracts are as obfuscated as their sales pitch though I doubt I'll join.

> Is your site constructed using a wysiwyg editor?
No - it's a witiwig (what I type is what I get) I only use a plain text editor.

I didn't like the sh1te and inefficient html and javascript created by all the wysiwig editors I've looked at even for making a first-cut template to tune-up. I'm cr@p at doing designer look sites so the html can be simple - most of it I generate on-the-fly from php anyway. Basically I'm an assembler man rather than cobol :)

(apologies for the basically)

13th March 2003, 13:04
fiddle, they just started it with select sites, point is that due to their abilty to have high conversions advertisers will pay good money jsut like for adwrods, this means you will get much better returns than from banners. Sure contracts aint eeasy to read, but I was reading UK Housing Act and fk me, thats hard >D

13th March 2003, 14:39
AtW - your link was to an article. I've looked on google itself and can't see anything. I'll keep it in mind and continue to look though. Chances are they won't be interested in small beer like my sites - they will use the big boys.

13th March 2003, 16:49
they just started mate, only select sites participate (like slashdot.org), they will CERTAINLY be interested in small boy s-- thats where they make money, they are just testing it to determine how much they should pay you and stay profitable, I believe this program will work as good as adwords and in 3-5 months time it will be widespread. Just keep your eyes open and watch what google does.