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24th February 2003, 22:39
Anyone recommend a good solid usb hub? Too many devices now for the old pc to cope with.
ta in advance

5th March 2003, 23:25
any will do, just make sure its powered hub.

Joe Bloggs
10th March 2003, 21:47
Best recommendation is to look for one that's USB 2.0, has enough ports as you need (of course you can daisy-chain them) and as AtW suggests, has a decent power supply.

My personal choice at the moment is a 4-port hub made by Belkin (who do very decent USB/Firewire/SCSI accessories) which I actually bought at Dixons. It's certainly more than up to the job - decent power, USB 2.0 etc - and is also one of the best designed slimline hubs I've seen so far. Yours for £29.95 if I remember correctly.

11th March 2003, 01:42
ekkk, buying stuff from Dixons, this surely cant be good advice! Get one online, if you have lots of USB devices (like myself), get more than 4 port one. Also, I would not bother getting USB 2.0 unless you already have USB2 devices -- no point to waste money. Oh yeah, hubs do plug into your current USB port, so if you have USB 1.1 then no point to have USB 2.0 hub :)

Joe Bloggs
11th March 2003, 22:24
"ekkk, buying stuff from Dixons, this surely cant be good advice!"

Usually it wouldn't be, but given that I spent the previous couple months trawling the net and walking up and down Tottenham Ct Rd, finding exactly what I wanted in Dixons for a decent price was more than enough to keep me happy.

Anyone did a quick search on Dabs and Simply, and it still seems good value. The only hubs which are cheaper (circa £5) are either USB 1.1 or non-powered. 7 port hubs are roughly twice the price which means you could buy two 4-ports instead.

www.dabs.com/products/prod-info3-info.asp?&m=y&quicklinx=18M8 (http://www.dabs.com/products/prod-info3-info.asp?&m=y&quicklinx=18M8)

"I would not bother getting USB 2.0 unless you already have USB2 devices"

Bit short-termist AtW?

Surely even if you only have USB 1.1 devices, paying an extra few quid for a USB 2.0 hub rather than having to buy a totally new one in six months time makes some sense.

11th March 2003, 23:07
If its extra few quid then its fine. you should remember however that your hub connect to YOUR USB PORT, and if you aint got USB2.0 then your USB2.0 hub would be useless because of bottleneck between hub and your PC. In this case you will need to buy USB2 card (+ hub).

USB2 hubs are currently at premium, I've got 8 USB devices connected to my PC and none of these are USB2. And I've bought majority of these in the last 6 months, and it was all state of the art for its time: truth is that USB2 is just not widespread in devices, very few things support it (for various reasons), so why pay for something that you aint got and aint likely to have in the future?

Joe Bloggs
12th March 2003, 00:05
Guess it part depends on what you've got, or what you're planning to buy.

In my case I already had a number of items which could support USB2 (printer, DVD/CD-W, backup HD), so buying a USB2 hub, even when my computer didn't originally support it, made good sense, and considering the price difference it was the most logical choice.

Certainly with backward compatibility, even with the possibility of all these wonderful things such as PCI-express, for the moment my money is on USB2 achieving decent market support.

Anyway with Dabs pricing powered USB 1.1 hubs for only 5 quid less, why not get the USB2.

"your USB2.0 hub would be useless because of bottleneck between hub and your PC"

The USB2.0 hub would provide the same performance as the USB1.1 so there isn't really any 'bottleneck', unless of course you raise your expectations. :)

12th March 2003, 01:01
:) agree that USB2 hub is worth a fiver extra