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27th October 2003, 23:36
That is what it says on the Subject Line of this Board , so how about it ???

Anyone know of any contracts out there for a mainframe dinosaur ? 15 - 20 years experience, IBM, COBOL, DB2, IMS, JCL, CICS, etc etc etc

Plenty of alternate skills picked up over the years, TANDEM, AS/400, PL/1 etc etc etc

Seems to be picking up on JOBSERVE and MONSTER, however I have probably submitted my CV for 20 - 25 positions and only 2 or 3 have replied so far :\ I know that 20 - 30 % are probably not good enough skill matches, but the least they could do is to tell you to feck of and stop wasting their time with spurious applications :eek

28th October 2003, 08:57
Oh Dear ©

I'm afraid that those mainframe dinosaurs have gone the way of all things in the IT world. I left that world years ago.

*takes stick and picks through the ashes of your CV*

The only things that'll be of use to you now maybe DB2 in an admin capacity. You also have useful CICS skills that will make your web development retraining easier, but that's about it.

As for JCL and PL/1.... well.... :\ |I :|

Time to think about what you want to do now, then buy the books methinks...

28th October 2003, 13:36
You could always try Natwest Bank or any of the other high street banks, they are still big mainframe users.

28th October 2003, 14:32
... and not because I chucked it in the fireplace , I had a very nice initial conversation with a non-dodgy Agent this morning about a Mainframe Job.

All you Doubting Thomases will be forced to stop dealing with any organisation that still uses a Mainframe :lol

btw eric12b = mainframe dinosaur , just in case noone twigged by the overly :D excessive :D use :D of smileys :rollin

During the wee hours of the night I thought "can't be too difficult running a bb" so I went and set one up .... isn't too hard to find if you think logically, unlike these new-fangled PC types whose memory processor crashes every few hours :D

28th October 2003, 16:37
if you can still find work on mainframes - good luck to you eric.

I still harbour fond memories of CICS (not JCL tho' :x )

30th October 2003, 12:47
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1st November 2003, 14:17
Yep, definitely. Nobody whatsoever should be training in any mainframe skill whatsoever. Never. No way. Mainframes and COBOL are dead for real this time. Thomas Watson said there is no demand for them and he is absolutely right.

All youngsters and people from offshore please take note, there is no future in mainframes at all. No use learning those skills. Especially do NOT learn 'middleware' skills because, since the mainframe is dead, all corporate data will be stored on PC's there will be no need for them whatsoever.:smokin