View Full Version : nonexportable certificate/private key

Joe Bloggs
18th February 2003, 18:56
I want to be able to provide a full/indefinite use copy of a software app to a selected number of known users, which can't simply be copied and given to someone else.

I was thinking of using a digital certificate and nonexportable private key to ensure that only those authorised could run the software, a method which an online bank I know also uses to similar effect.

The software is windows based, .Net etc, but could also call COM components.

Does anyone:

a) know if there are any drawbacks to this method, e.g. is there a way to export 'nonexportable' keys

b) what software components are needed to generate the certificates/keys (without preferably having to set up an internet based cert server), and how they can be validated within the app itself.


19th February 2003, 14:33
I have used software from this lot in the past.

www.macrovision.com/solut...index.php3 (http://www.macrovision.com/solutions/software/index.php3)

They used to be called C-Dilla, and are pretty good. I'm not sure if they have an exact fit for your requirments, but you might be able to configure a never ending subsciprtion to the software (which would only work on a licenced machine).