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25th January 2003, 13:39
I was interested in reading a .pdf file that has been packed-up on SourceForge as a document.tgz (tar-gun-zip?). Is there any easy way of unzipping this on a Windoze machine with access to a Unix host?

Any ideas? 8o

25th January 2003, 15:22
It's a tar gzip

Why not transfer to the unix box, gunzip and transfer the result back?

26th January 2003, 12:21
Why not transfer to the unix box, gunzip and transfer the result back?

Because the 'unix box' belongs to SourceForge and I don't have any write access to it. I don't have a Unix (probably Linux) machine set up yet. I was hoping to read through all technical documentation before setting a Unix machine up. (The technical notes may well influence my choice of Linux).

All I know is that I need "x86/Linux", but futher hints and installation tips are contained in the document that is currently zipped. I'm no Linux wizz, but I'm guessing that I should be ok with Red Hat?

I really need to unzip this documentation. I could ftp it to a webserver I use, (which is Linux based), but I don't have telnet access which I assume I would need to run guzip on it?

Any ideas?


1) I need to unzip and read documentation.
2) I need to choose Linux version
3) I need to purchase machine and install correct Linux
4) I need to install code from SourceForge and carry out research/investigations.

26th January 2003, 13:39
rename the file to document.tar.gz and then load it into winzip.

26th January 2003, 14:30
Ah ha, you don't have the unix box, so sorry, missunderstood.

Get a copy of Cygwin that'll have to tools you require in it.

www.cygwin.com/ (http://www.cygwin.com/)

26th January 2003, 23:32
Cygwin - yup - a lot of messing about - (there must be a simpler way).

Anyway, I've got the pdf files open now and they are readable.

Mission accomplished - cheers. 8o